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Chef Corner

Samantha Tam

Samantha is an experienced cooking instructor and appears regularly on TV for cooking demonstrations.

She acquired her pastry skills from Le Cordon Bleu and has won various cooking comeptitions before starting her own F&B consultancy business. A staunch supporter to charitable causes, Samantha helps NGOs to conduct workshops on healthy eating and has authored a cookbook for fundraising.

Samantha believes cooking should be an essential life skill and would love to share her easy but scrumptious recipes with everyone.

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Terry Yeung

Terry Yeung has been working in catering industry for 24 years. He has been a five-star hotel sous chef, an executive sous chef in restaurant chains and the food and beverage group for many years, a consultant for food wholesalers. Now he is the sous chef of a senior private club in Hong Kong.

He graduated in famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu London and Professional Culinary Arts Diploma of French Disciples Escoffier with the Best Student Award.

He likes combination of several ingredients from different countries to create dishes with French cooking techniques and artistic beauty. Hope he can bring you a tasty and colorful journey in his culinary class.
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Xuelian Liu

Personal Chef Xuelian was born and grew up in Sichuan, she is one of the most popular chefs on the platform MobiChef. Xuelian was interviewed by different media in the past years, featuring her cuisine and concept in SiChuan cooking.  Chef Xielian always emphasizes that Sichuan cuisine is not just spicy as how it’s perceived, you may find many non-spicy dishes in her menu including those from the countryside.

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Louis Chan

Chef Louis has over nine years of cooking and wine pairing experience. Being inspired by his culinary experience in Australia, he started his private kitchen in 2016, where Louis mainly tailored dinner experiences for his guests. Until recently he joined MobiChef and started to provide personal chef service. With his rich understanding in Western cuisine and fine wines, Louis’ dishes do not only take into account the freshness of ingredients and the use of seasonings, but also emphasize the pairing of food and wine that enhances overall tastes and experiences.

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Daniel Birkner

Born into a family where food was very much valued, with father and brother working as chefs too and a family run restaurant as first base for early experiences, he knew at an early age that cooking will be the path and inspiration. An early internship and following the apprenticeship, as well as first junior positions in Germany led to stints in France, England, Switzerland and back in Germany, which formed and shaped his ambitions up to the point where he opened his own Michelin awarded Restaurant “Herr B.” in Germany. The years in the culinary world had their marks on Daniel, and he brings his experience along with his favourites in an unsophisticated way to the plate. 

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Callum King

Currently a personal chef with home-chef service MobiChef, Chef Callum started cooking at a 5-star hotel in Edinburgh when he was 17, where he gained a solid founding in British and other European cuisines. Sometimes, after he finished his shift duty, he even worked unpaid in the Michelin-starred kitchen there.

After coming to Hong Kong he worked in the Gordon Ramsey company's kitchens as a senior chef. Here he learned also Asian cuisine and mastered the art of fusion food. Chef Callum loves to share his experiences with all gourmets.
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Suki Chan Duarte

Working in the hair industry for 23 years, for much of it as a colourist, Suki loves playing with colours. Making use of the artistic sense she has developed since college with over 30 years of cooking experience, she is passionate about cooking different cuisines, especially handmade lunchboxes for her daughter, and colourful pasta.

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Yuko Buerge

Yuko Buerge was raised in Japan and has lived in Seattle for 13 years. Traveling around the world has allowed her to explore new and interesting flavors, and her approach to cooking has been influenced by her diverse background. She is currently teaches at various cooking studios, where she enjoys sharing her passion for the culinary arts with others.
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Manabu Oikawa

Manabu Oikawa joined city’super as a Head Chef in 2015.He comes from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. He started working as a chef on a cruise ship when he was 21 years old, and subsequently worked in Tokyo, Kawasaki and New York.He has been working in Hong Kong since 2007.

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D’Angelo Giuseppe

Currently a personal chef with home-chef service MobiChef, Chef Giuseppe holds a Maestria di 1 Livello degree from Italys’ Boscolo Etoile Academy. In 2007 he started his culinary career as head chef for a yachting company and proceeded to work as a professional chef in restaurants in Sicily and Moscow. In addition to his experience as a chef, he also has extensive experience of teaching masterclasses, consulting and opening new restaurants.

A fluent Russian speaker, Chef Giuseppe was a judge on the Junior Masterchef Russia TV programme in 2016.

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