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CHEF TARZAN - Roast Turkey with Truffle Chestnut

 Ingredients: Ingredients E-shop link:
  • Turkey                                      4kg
  • Chestnuts (Peeled)                  500g
  • Foie Gras (Diced)                    100g
  • Walnuts                                 6-8pcs
  • Truffle Paste                              30g
  • Butter                                        50g
  • Chicken Stock                            1L
  • Leek                                      1stalk
  • Dry Bay Leaf                        1-2pcs
  • Thyme                                 2stalks
  • Parsley                                2stalks
  • Salt                                             3g
  • Pepper                                        3g


    DAYLESFORD UK Chilled Organic Turkey Bronze (PC/5KG)



    1. Mix the butter with chestnuts, then add chicken stock and bouquet garni pack
    2. Cook until the chestnuts stock thickens, and place on a tray to let cool
    3. Sauté foie gras in a hot wok for 30 seconds, and mix it in the stuffing
    4. Rub butter evenly all over the turkey
    5. Stick butter in between the breast and skin of the turkey
    6. Add salt and truffle paste to the stuffing
    7. Put the stuffing inside the turkey
    8. Roast the turkey at 180 degrees (Each pound of turkey takes 20-30 minutes to roast)
    9. Turn the turkey around every half an hour
    10. Cover the turkey with aluminum foil when it is roasted
    11. Filter the roast turkey juice, and cook until it is reduced to the desired consistency
    12. Take the stuffing out


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