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Clams from Around the World at city’super

Clams from Around the World at city’super

You’ve probably eaten clam chowder and clam linguine, but have you ever tried live clam sashimi? From the plump and tasty USA cherrystone clams which are perfect for sashimi, to the smaller Italian Manila clams which are typically used to prepare linguine, city’super has sought out the best of the best to present you live clams from around the world.

(Pictured from left to right)
1. USA Cherrystone Clam
2. New Zealand Moon Shell Clam
3. New Zealand Tua Tua Clam
4. New Zealand Live Little Neck Clam
5. New Zealand Diamond Shell Clam
6. USA Live Manila Clam
7. Italy Vongole Veraci Clam
8. Japan Live Shortneck Clam (Asari)
9. Japan Live Shijimi Clam

Clams - Farm, Origin, Feature, and Taste

All About New Zealand Clams

New Zealand is not just famous for its wool, but also for some of the tastiest clams in the world. Harvested from the unpolluted Pacific Blue Sea, these clams are safe to eat, and the subtle flavours and textures of this delicacy is greatly enhanced by mild seasonings and short cooking times. Tua Tua clams, moon shell clams, diamond clams and little neck clams are all medium-sized clams that are suitable for steaming and soups. The taste of diamond clams and moon shell clams are especially rich and creamy, with a mild briny flavour. Tua Tua clams, with its mildly smoked salt flavour, is exceptionally delicious.

All About USA Clams

American clams tend to be large in size, and this is especially true for Cherrystone clams, which is one of the world’s largest clam varieties. Found on the East Coast, cherrystone clams are deliciously crisp and clean in flavour with a rich texture, making it ideal to serve as sashimi. For the long and small Manila clams, originally brought to Washington State by Japanese fishing boats, it has a sweeter flavour and softer texture, making it well-suited for steaming.

All About Japanese Clams

Japanese clams can come in all kinds of colours, from yellow, grey, green, to brown, all of which are common. The Asari clam is the most commonly seen variety. Japanese shortneck clams and Shijimi clams are smaller in size but very sweet in flavour, making it the first choice ingredient for preparing miso soup and sake steamed clams.

Health Benefits of Clams

Despite its small size, live clams have a high nutritional profile. Live clams contain more protein than other shellfish. Apart from being low in calories and fat, every 100g of cooked clams also boasts 260mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, which promotes a healthy heart. In addition, live clams are rich in vitamin B12 and minerals, particularly iron, which can prevent anemia.

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