In light of the coronavirus outbreak, for the safety of our customers and staff, all superlife culture club classes will be suspended until further notice.

G Ferretti

Chef G's own origins are rather unusual - with an Italian father and Polish mother, he was born in Seoul Korea and moved to New York as a child. With the backgrounds of his parents, the culture of family dining was important within his daily life. After moving out of home at an early age, he took the basics of cooking that he learned from his parents and incorporated them into his own recipes. In 2007 he started cooking private dinners in the US. Chef G moved to Hong Kong in 2010, and food culture started to dominate every day of his life, as he hosted impromptu dinner parties and Italian holiday feasts. He creates menus including Rustic Italian, Korean and Korean-Italian Collab in a commercial kitchen. He has catered for private events including large conferences, weddings and private social events. To add to his repertoire, he has begun teaching Italian and Korean cooking classes to all ages.
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